VIDEO: A huge telescope from films crashed, filmed by surveillance cameras


The 300-meter telescopic dish, famous in many films, has reached an infamous end ...
The Arecibo Observatory held the record for the largest telescope globally for 53 years with a plate diameter. After two injuries that resulted in broken support cables within months, the telescope's National Science Foundation, which owns the telescope, announced on November 19 that it would dismantle the telescope for safety reasons.

On December 1, the remaining support cables were torn off, and the radio on the plate shattered. No harm is done.

Surveillance cameras filmed the devastation ...

The impressive creation was only surpassed in 2016 when a similar telescope was opened in China, but with a larger plate diameter. Arecibo has been a key tool in many scientific discoveries in astronomy, including the study of rapidly rotating stellar remnants known as pulsars, and the results were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1993.

The giant dish has been a gripping backdrop in many films, probably the most famous of which is the scene from the opening scene of GoldenEye (GoldenEye), the first Bonded, in which Pires Brosnan introduced himself as 007.
In 1997, a permanent exhibition opened to the public, where visitors learn about astronomy history and achievements. The visitor center is expected to remain open.

The National Science Foundation has already announced that scientists will continue to work on nearby buildings and build a more powerful telescope nearby - if the US Congress approves the necessary funding, of course.

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