5 Trends to know in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for 2021

Five top trends for 2021 in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI / ML) to stay ahead of the curve. What is important to effectively apply coding algorithms and use data to solve problems?

Blockchain is a technology that uses a sequential set of transactions and leaves a defined register of events and processes for combining tasks. The merger of AI / ML and blockchain for data solutions are coming.

Cloud is a scalable and virtual environment. These are available to specific users with no physical location or deployment requirements. The cloud creates a different model for IT and data services in that the architecture is not constrained by physical requirements.

Ethical Artificial Intelligence is a field, study, and implementation of a framework for limiting or eliminating bias in algorithms. This includes evaluating a solution for data usage and implementation in terms of cultural and social impact.

Interoperability by sharing APIs and libraries through replication or scripting across batches for easy implementations. Reusable and expandable blocks for coding on various platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Snowflake, and others.

Security, data security through administration. Both innovation and workflow will be a theme for 2021 to improve security methodologies for specialized data services based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and to differentiate themselves from the norms for software development.

The way to stay ahead is to know the list of technologies touching a domain and master them in order to incorporate them into tasks to maintain productivity. The five topics for 2021 to maintain relevance in AI / ML: Blockchain, Cloud, Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI), Interoperability and Security (Cybersecurity).

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