Alryyan TV (Arabic; قناة الريان الفضائية) is one of the branches of the Al Rayyan Media and Marketing Company's Office of Special Engineering, the production company, and through "Al Rayyan" Productions a number of films and programs for the National Holiday Organizing Committee.

AlRayyan TV adopts the Qatar National Vision (2030) and aims to be a means of supporting sustainable development through three main functions: "Development, Awareness and Entertainment" which the broadcaster will translate into a mix of programs that will represent your media strategy .

Al Rayyan is a diverse channel targeting the Qatari community as a key audience, taking into account the specificity of their identity and national aspirations. Its aim is to promote the development of society and educate its groups to contribute to the realization of the national vision of Qatar (2030).

It also promotes the values ​​of virtue and positivity, the authenticity of the Qatari heritage, the support of social communication and the promotion of competitive spirit and creative thinking among young people in general and all sectors of society in general. .

Useful and as part of combining interest and entertainment with the best of production and broadcasting techniques. The station will also keep up with the times by announcing a visionary creed that supports the rebirth of Qatar and contributes to sustainable development.

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