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Why being Friends with an Ex Isn't a Good Idea

There was a reason you broke up.
Nina Atwood, a communications specialist, believes that a friendship with an ex can cause a lot of emotional upheaval in life. “Whenever people stay friends with exes, it's mostly because they don't want the breakup to remain a bitter taste in their mouth.

In addition, they are usually afraid to face life without the people who have meant so much to them recently, and with whom they have shared deep and intimate relationships, " says Nina. She adds that it is not easy to get rid of feelings of loss and regret:”it's hard to get rid of the feeling of loss and regret, because we could have had everything with an ex."

Linsey Krieger also claims that being friends with an ex only makes your relationship worse: "In most cases, it's much better to forget and turn to better opportunities. If you stay close to someone you once had a crush on, it creates a certain amount of pressure, not particularly healthy. For example, it may seem discouraging in the idea of a reunion. If you constantly have an ex in mind, you won't go ahead. You will compare potential partners with exes, subconsciously detecting mistakes similar to the previous partner, " she says”

When we think about old relationships, the memories just come back. Thinking about it, you can also come up with the idea of giving an old relationship another chance: "you need to understand how strong and healthy a relationship can't fall apart. If you really wanted to stay together, we would be together today. But if something just doesn't work, you have to admit that it just doesn't,” the communications experts say.

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