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What do men really want in bed?

To get around you there is a lot of valentine's day couples? You wonder what these women did, how would dešifrovale male psychology? Do you feel as if you skipped that lesson in school, so now you want to learn it as obviously most of the women know? Don't worry, you're not the first, nor the last, who, it seems, there's no luck in love, for the reason that I don't know what men actually think and want.
Expose men, actually, and it's not that hard, and these tips will definitely help you in that.

Communicate like a man

That doesn't mean you have to talk deeper voice – but to just stop to talk down and directly tell him everything that you need to tell him. Men have a significantly lower attention span than women, and that's why, if you soon on “the horizon” I don't see the climax or the ending of the story, their minds start to wander. So, if you have the need to share what happened today at work, or somewhere druo – skip the irrelevant details and tell him the short version of the story. Him interested in what you have to say, but it definitely doesn't care what her colleague from work wearing that day or some other such similar, it irrelevant details.

Take him by the hand

Many women think that men don't like to cuddle, hold hands, and practice other neseksualne kind of tenderness – they are wrong (although, of course, there are the men who really don't like it, and women), because most of them love it, as well as most of the ladies. He enjoys it as much as you, just as he is about the environment there is the need to “nefrajerske” the outpouring of tenderness in public – or completely avoid, or what is more possible is reduced to a minimum. So you take the initiative – take him by the hand, give him a short and passionate kiss, touch his thigh with his hand or with his chest on purpose “o?ešite” about him. So you'll show him confidence in his own sexuality, what men find it irresistible.

Praise him here and there

Do you remember when you were little and you had some kind of show or something you did, how you felt when your parents or a teacher praised? Men are, in many ways, like little kids who don't want anything more than your attention, respect and praise for all their hard work. Since may rarely get the recognition that they deserve (or think they deserve it) at work, it is more important to him you give at home when they do something they deserve. And in today's modern time than men are expected to be strong and brave, to either block the emotions, fears and pain, so it can be hard to find out what they actually need and what they want under that of their armor. But, rest assured, and they can't and you suffer from low self-esteem.

One of the most effective ways to show him your love is to fulfill his need to feel a respective and necessary as a protector. In a poll by readers of the magazine “men's Health”, 66 percent of respondents said they want their women to give a compliment for a non-pecuniary, but a specific feature or quality, that only they possess.

Laugh with him, and to him

After her body, what men are most attractive on a woman is her sense of humor. That doesn't mean that you have to know a lot of jokes, but you just know from the heart to smile with him. To play a joke on his own, and his account is a sign of intellectual compatibility, and men want a woman who will spontaneously to know to retell some of his humorous anecdote as well as to hear their.

Subtle it log

With such explicit images and movies in the media, too much nudity is sexy. Instead, play hide-and-seek. Let your t-shirt or shirt as accidentally slip off your shoulder, undo a button or put on a t-shirt through which you have a glimmer of a bra. You probably won't be long dressed.

Be more aggressive in bed

No matter how much your honey loves to have control, the bedroom is a place where you'd like to see you how are you taking more control in your hands. You initiate sex. When you go to “attack”, do you prove to him your desire for him, something that he needs and the inside and outside of the bedroom. Outside of the bedroom, wearing dresses or shirts without braces that show a little more skin. Wear his boxer shorts around the house. Jump with him in the shower and nasapunajte him all over the body. At dinner in a restaurant, c'mon whisper to him that you're not wearing underwear (if you need some convincing, touching you) – and you will see how quick dinner forever. Wear sexy nylons and flirty them off in front of him. For during sex and to change the pose, surprise and satisfy your oral all the time, him looking into my eyes. Then turn around how to get into you from behind. These are just some of the secret desires of men.

Ask for what you want in bed

Men aren't doing the best mind-reading. But it's good to accept explanations and most of them will react positively to your instructions about what you mind and what you would like in bed. In fact, they will even enjoy it to hear what would you all like to do that with him. If you're not really comfortable talking about it, once you find yourself in the horizontal, show him what you wanted and you're trying to get him. Put his hand there where you prefer and through moans tell him “slower” or “faster”…

Watch the porn with him

According to a survey by Brigham Young Univyazi, 87 percent of men watched some form of porn in the past year, and one in five men viewed porn sites or magazines with naked girls on a daily basis. This probably doesn't surprise anyone, but what's shocking is how quickly men can become addicted to the usual doses of erotic imagery. The arousal hormones that trigger these images can cause real addiction.

-If you think that erotic material interferes with your relationship or he uses it to avoid something, you should face a problem – says sex therapist Sandor Gardos. One tactic is to invite him to watch erotic movies together.

"The problem becomes compulsive when he feels like he has to hide it," Gardos says. But being willing to share his interest will eliminate any possible tension or anxiety. According to sex experts, watching erotica together can even improve your sex life. In the middle of the genres you love, or soft porn.

Leave the light on

For your dear one, nothing is as sexy as a woman who lets go of the brakes in bed. He loves to look at and touch your body, and nothing will ruin his mood so quickly, as if you're acting like you're ashamed and you're constantly closing or turning off the lights. If you are already so ashamed-find yourself halfway-light candles (guys say that the female body is the most beautiful with a light glow), leave your underwear on ... believe me, he doesn't really care if you have cellulite or stretch marks, he loves you and your body.

More foreplay

Do you think we're joking? No! Most men said they expect foreplay that lasts 15 minutes or more. Slow sex is not better for you.

- Longer foreplay helps men to match their partner. This increases their self-confidence, and as a result, they also have better control over ejaculation, " says sex therapist Seth Prosterman. Men know that women need more time to get aroused. So relax and enjoy. Fantasize in the same way as when you masturbate on your own. Take a vibrator and play with it. He'll love looking at you.

When he irritates and satisfies you with his hand, show him how much you like to touch you. Your magic word? "That's it."That's all, and he'll know what you wanted to say.

During sex, change positions-you rise. Love it on your neck and shoulders and slowly sink lower. Watch your belly button and look at it, while keeping your eyes on it, move even lower ... this man is incredibly exciting.

Double "rake" ass

Hug him, and then raise your hands to his buttocks, squeeze him, and push yourself even more. And feel free to squeeze hard.

Ask to find out what he likes

Guys can be quite shy, so he himself may not want to tell you what really excites him, and how much he likes you to touch him “down there". So, ask. Your question and interest will create a safe, pleasant atmosphere that can turn into really hot sex.

Ask him to show you how he masturbates when he thinks of you. Pay attention to his techniques to emulate them, and let your hands on the palm of your hand show you how tight he fits to grab it. Also, it's better to get to know the frenulum, one of the most sensitive parts of the penis, located on the underside of the glans. Playful Liz and gentle pressure on the bridle lead more blood to the penis for a stronger erection.

To double the pleasure, stimulate his erogenous zones while playing with his penis-the anus, testicles, inner thighs and nipple. Lick the area filled with nerve endings in the center of the scrotum, and then gently press up with your hand on the base of the testicle. So you irritate his prostate, the sensitive mucus known as the male G-spot, without pressing your finger into his anus.

They love " doggie”

According to research, most men most like and most care about their “dog " poses. They love the primal, animal approach to sex in this pose. Your submission in this pose is very erotic for them.

What he cares about most is…

It's not oral sex, it's not weird sex positions, it's not a new sex toy or lube-it's not even a chance of a threesome with two women happening to him. You won't believe it – but it's your unbridled enthusiasm and confidence in bed. Remember that men want to please women and get confirmation that they are the best – that's why he gets excited when he sees how much he satisfies you, that you want him and that you enjoy him as much as he does.

The more interactive sex, the better for him and for you. Even 87 percent of men say they "just lie" - " really the worst thing in the world” - and 57 percent say that being silent during sex is a pill to cause temporary impotence. This doesn't mean you have to pretend to have an orgasm to prove to him that he is good in bed. Don't put that kind of pressure on yourself or him. You will meet him by showing him that you are enjoying yourself. You catch yourself by the sheets. Grab the head of the bed. Pump out the body. Moan in his ear and whisper dirty little things. Pray. I beg. Lead him on.

All the best "sexual encounters" confirm to you that there is something special between you. And your passion can help him feel more intimate and emotionally connected to you – something that is also one of the most important elements of unforgettable sex for guys.

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