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How many calories are there in alcoholic beverages?

Half a liter of black beer has as many as 220 calories. Half a liter of light beer has about 240 calories, and now imagine that you drank four beers in an evening, it's about as if you ate two chocolates of 100 grams each.
The situation is similar with sider. This increasingly popular drink contains about 230 calories per half-liter, while a very black beer contains about 220 calories. If you are on a diet, pay attention to what you drink, and in what quantities, respectively, collect calories, as with food.

How the body regulates alcohol as a toxin and tries to convert it into excess energy as soon as possible, which is converted into fat, which is deposited in men in the stomach area and in women on the thighs.

One of the cocktails with the least calories is a weight loss tonic (with a sugar-free tonic) - 64 calories, prosek 80 calories, ginger vodka 60 calories, and a glass of white wine 160 calories.

Calories in 100 ml of other alcoholic beverages:

Champagne – 85 kcal, white wine – 85 kcal, red wine – 80 kcal, cognac 38 vol % alcohol – 230 kcal, cognac 50 vol % alcohol – 375 kcal, liqueurs – 250 kcal, brandy 25 vol % alcohol – 175 kcal, brandy 33 vol % alcohol – 195 kcal, brandy 50 vol % alcohol – 350 kcal, rum 40 vol % alcohol – 280 kcal, brandy – 40 vol% alcohol – 230 kcal, wine – 250 kcal, whiskey – 250 kcal and vodka – 230 kcal.

Calories in smoothies:

Long Island-780 kcal, Margarita-740 kcal, Pina Colada-644 kcal, White Russian-425 kcal, Mai Tai-350 kcal, gin / vodka and tonic-200 kcal, Mojito-160 kcal and Cosmopolitan-150 kcal.

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