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How does the morning news affect your health?

American studies have shown that news has an exceptional effect on our mood. Experts say that morning news shows can cause poor psychological health in people due to the amount of negative news.
If the day begins with negative information that we can track through various channels, or read on portals or in newspapers, it reduces productivity at work and makes us depressed. Scientists are 110 people who start their day with the morning news, divided into two groups. The first group listened to 10 minutes of depressing news, and the other three minutes listened to positive information.

After six hours, all participants answered questions posed by their experts to determine whether they were upset, stressed, or calm and calm. Respondents who listened only to negative information for 10 minutes were 27% more likely to be depressed or stressed during the day, while their performance at work declined. While negative news is often a big part of the news shows throughout the day, experts don't say we shouldn't be informed, but rather to choose when we will expose ourselves to such information.

Experts suggest choosing positive news in the morning first, if we have a need for information right away, and leaving negative news for a slightly later part of the day.

This text 03 HAZIRAN 2021 It was written on.

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