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Dangerous substance found in sunscreens

Valisure, the onlajn pharmaceutical company also known for testing medical and other products, recently announced that they had contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and asked to remove 40 series of sunscreens and after-sun tanning products because they were found to contain large amounts of benzene.
The company, at whose suggestion the FDA had previously recalled some mustard disinfectants and medicines, tested 294 series from 69 companies and found benzene in 27 of them. Among other things, benzene was found in the drugs of the brands Neutrogena and Banana Boat. At the same time, some supplies also exceeded the permissible amount of benzene prescribed by the FDA by three times, they write on the WebMD website.

As quoted by the site, the highest level of benzene-6.26 ppm - was found in a series of Neutrogenic drugs Ultra Sheer Weightless Sunscreen Spray, SPF 100. The other two series of the same sunscreen with a coefficient of 70 contained 5.96 and 5.76 ppm of this chemical. The second-most-benzene drug was Sun Bum's Cool Down Gel, with 5.33 ppm.

The problem is that long-term exposure to benzene causes cancer in humans, they write on the NationalCancerInstitute website.

"This is very worrying, first of all, because numerous FDA studies have shown that sunscreen ingredients penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream in large quantities," says David Light, director of Valisure.

The FDA is now looking for more information about the possible risks of frequent sunscreen ingredients.

"There is no safe level of benzene that sunscreen can contain," says Dr. Christopher Buenick, a professor of dermatology at Jejl University,who is also a signatory to Valisure's petition.

As the doctor says, and the least amount of benzene in sunscreens is unacceptable, because they are applied several times during the day, flying and covering most of the skin.

And while more information about the safety of sunscreen ingredients arrives, how do you protect yourself from the sun and at the same time prevent skin cancer?


The sun is strongest between 10 and 14 hours and during this period you do not need to go to the sun. If you're outside, stay in the shade. At sea at this time of day, watch as you walk away from the beach. And if you're under an umbrella, the sun's ultraviolet rays will certainly bounce off the Sands, so the shade won't protect you.


In the bright sun, wear a hat with a wider brim and sunglasses, preferably with UV protection. A good idea is also clothing made of light natural thin materials with leggings and long sleeves.


From the company Valisure note that it is important to know that not all sunscreens contain benzene.

"Products that do not contain it are available and should continue to be used because they are an important protection against potentially harmful solar radiation.”

Both in anticipation of new information, and from the FDA note that these creams are a very important preventive measure against dangerous skin cancers, especially melanoma.

This text 10 HAZIRAN 2021 It was written on.

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